Trans-Mond Environment Ltd. (TME, est. 1991) is a partnership of development and environmental business professionals. The company has been involved in infrastructure, environment and development projects. Experience has been gained both in the public and the private sectors as well as with international development and finance institutions. The assignments have ranged from short-term ad hoc operations to long-term development programs. TME seeks to establish and promote partnerships among business, government and non-govermental organizations.

TME offers consultancy services such evaluations, assessments, feasibility studies, reviews and studies on the environmental sector, both regarding policies and their implementation. TME's areas of expertise are international environmental conventions, EU environment policy and their implementation both at the administrative and industry level.

The partnership has gained experience, in addition to Finland and Nordic countries, from all over the world like Far-East, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. The most recent experience is from the implementation of EU environmental policy, Montreal Protocol on the Protection of the Ozone Layer including the climate change related aspects, implementation of the Stockholm Convention of the Management of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP's) and Minimata Convention on Mercury.